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Are you an international or domestic buyer looking to import your next car, truck or SUV into your country? MEMA AUTO EXPORT is your ultimate destination for buying new or an auction cars (Copart, IAA, Manheim) and international or domestic shipping or transportation from USA to anywhere in the world.

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Are you facing difficulties buying vehicle from online auto auctions like Copart USA – due to lack of business licence or bid card? You may arrange domestic or international shipping to Europe


If you don’t know exactly what you want to buy, that’s ok too. You can just contact us. Once we find a car you’re interested in, you can see the current bid on it and determine whether or not you want to pursue a bid of your own. You can then put in your maximum bid and the we will automatically bid for you, which means you don’t have to sit around and wait for an auction to run its course. At the end, you’ll be notified if you’ve won or not.

If you have, then you’ll need to pay for your purchase. 

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